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Product Overview

The GYBE-Counter

The GYBE-Counter is an inflatable mobile sales counter for exhibitions, events and promotion. It is quick and easy to set up due to its inflatable support structure. The exchangeable display is completely and individually printable and adapts perfectly to the spatial or thematic conditions.

Unpacking -  Inflating -  Ready

The GYBE Counter is built up in just three steps. Easy handling allows quick assembly and removal.

design examples
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Technical Details

The GYBE-Counter can be set up in 1 minute with an 220V Electric pump.

1,04 m
1,22 m
0,36 m
14 kg

The Sitting Tube

The GYBE® Sitting Tube is an inflatable seating for Fair und Event. It is light, quickly built-up, space-saving and completely printable.

design examples
Any Questions? Please Contact us:
+49 (0)4421 987 88 92

Technical Details

The Sitting Tubes can be used up to
110kg (DIN EN 581 certified)

51,0 cm
39,0 cm
122,5 cm
40,0 x 40,0 x 10,0 cm
1,6 kg
Das Event Tent von GYBE kommt mit dem größten Lieferumfang am Markt


GYBE® provides an extensive assortment of products and accessories. We will be pleased to give you advice.

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Delivery times

Although the high level of customisability GYBE® provides very short delivery times for all its products.

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Our products apply to the highest production- and quality standards. If your tent has been damaged it can be repaired at our german service departement, quick and efficent. An overhaul will always be done with original material and applies to the strict GYBE® production standards.