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    GYBE® tent system.

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  • It’s ALL inflatable!

    The GYBE® Eventtent is the ideal product for your outdoor event, roadshow and product presentation. Be independent of the weather with the lightweight and waterproof tents.
    Not only suitable as a shelter, it is also the ideal advertising medium thanks to the printing.

  • Faster and lighter

    Due to the lack of heavy bars, the tent’s transportation is easy and it can be built up by one person in less than 5 minutes. The unique GYBE® One-Pump-system easily allows to inflate the tent through a central inflation valve quickly.
    Unlike other inflatable tents, our tent does not need a permanent fan working to keep it up straight.

  • Scope of delivery

    The Set Exclusive includes the tent with 4 freely selectable side parts, sand bags and guy wires for fastening under windy conditions, a transportation-back-pack, a double-stroke hand pump and a repair set. In addition, this package may be extended by request.

    The combination of quality, modularity and the largest scope of delivery available on the market allow for an extraordinary price-performance-ratio.

We are celebrating our 10th anniversary!

We like to use this opportunity to thank all our suppliers, sales partners and customers for a great cooperation over the last years.

As gratitude we offer for all tent orders in the period of 1st February to 30th April 2021 an addition for free. You can choose between Sun Shade, Fusion Panel or electric pump during the campaign and prepare your Event Tent for upcoming events.

Order now and celebrate with us!

More inflatable GYBE® products

Fernbedienung für GYBE Eventzelt LED-Set
Die Eventzelte von GYBE sind auch mit eingebauten LED verfügbar


Light up your Event Tent with the all new GYBE® LED-Set. A double layer of LED-Stripes within every tent leg insures intense luminosity.

Change colours

effortless to your likings.

Alle Erweiterungen für das aufblasbare Event Tent von GYBE

One set. A million possibilities

The extraordinary range of GYBE® products are perfectly combinable and creating a functional and visual unit.

The tent creates the room, the counter is the ideal presentation display and the sitting tube invites to take a seat.

In sum, the perfect Set to display and highlight your creative and individual design.

Alle Erweiterungen für das aufblasbare Event Tent von GYBE

Modular and extendable

GYBE® offers an unsurpassed selection of extensions for its event tents. With our Set Exclusive the GYBE® Event tents come with four freely selectable sidepanels. On request it is possible to use different versions.

By using the Sun Shade or the Shade Extender you cannot only extend the shadow-casting side but also enlarge the printable advertising space.

Tents of various sizes may be connected to cover a larger area and to create an impressive scenery of dome tents.

The Removable Roof offers highest flexibility: With only a minimum of installation work it is possible to take off the canopy and exchange it with one of a different color.

Show extensions >
Aufblasbare Zelte können leicht miteinander verbunden werden Mit dem GYBE Fusion Panel können große Flächen überdacht werden


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The inflatable event tents may be individually designed. The huge color palette allows for customizations of the canopy, the support structure, the side parts and the seam.

View whole color palette >

Color palette

Hide color palette
Light Grey
422 C
300 C
200 C
2767 C
Cool Grey
7 C
Dacron White
Sea Blue
299 C
Deep Red
186 C
Side Panels
Light Grey
422 C
300 C
200 C
2767 C

* Colors on screen may differ from material colors. Use Pantone values as indicator

GYBE Event Zelte können individuell gestaltet werden

Additionally, it is possible to print on the roof and the sidepanels as partial or fullprint to use them as advertising space. Our printing process furthermore allows for individual colouring of the outer side of the roof and sidepanels.

Show all printing options >

All printing options

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If the Design is real, then our Reality is brilliant

The GYBE® Event Tent is not only impressive because of its remarkable design. Thanks to a modern printing process the GYBE® Event Tent can be printed as of now photorealistic. By means of a new refining method your tent becomes a canvas of brilliant photos with impressive sharpness, high color intensity and captivating resolution.

The GYBE® Event Tent therefore attracts everyone’s attention and turns into a unique advertising space. Furthermore, the new printing process makes it possible to individually color the outer panels of the Roof and Sides.

4C-Color Print

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing is a process in which the color pigments are brought deeply into the printable material. A sublimation foil is digitally printed in photo quality and then with pressure and heat transferred to the material.

More about sublimation printing >

The printing result is extremely brilliant because the warmth gives the pigments a winning brightness and they durably adhere to the fabric. Sublimation printing is extremely suitable for large or fullprint designs. You can print over the complete length and breadth of the material, which enables the colorizing of the Roofs or Sides in your Corporate Identity colors.

Step 1

Firstly, the special foil is printed with the wished design on the reverse. The applied ink contains many chromophoric pigments and is highly concentrated.

Step 2

Subsequently, the material to be printed and the special foil are pulled together through a heating press. Here the colorant from the carrier foil is transferred to the material under high pressure and temperature.

Transfer Printing

As opposed to sublimation printing, transfer printing is especially suitable for small to mediumsized designs, which are to be shown advantageously on colored material.

More about Transfer printing >

Latex ink is digitally printed in photo-quality on the carrier foil. This foil is then cut to size according to the design and then transferred under pressure and heat on the surface of the material. Since the carrier foil is white, colored materials can also be printed. The printing result is absolutely brilliant, also on black materials.

Step 1

Firstly, the special foil (transfer) is printed with the required design.

Step 2

Subsequently, the transfer foil is cut to size with the help of the design. The cut-out material to be printed on is spread out crease-free on the transfer press and the transfer foil positioned on the material. Under heat and high pressure the transfer foil is transferred to the material.

Technical Details

The Event Tents are made of B1 certified material, as well as water resistant and UV-stabilized.


2.7 m
3.0 m
4.2 m
4.9 m
3.2 m
4.0 m
5.0 m
6.0 m
3.2 m
4.0 m
5.0 m
6.0 m
Floor area
10.2 m2
16.0 m2
25.0 m2
36.0 m2
Clearance height
2.06 m
2.20 m
2.45 m
3.27 m
13 kg
15 kg
19 kg
24 kg

Set Up Times

Double action hand pump
14 min
16 min
28 min
40 min
12 V battery pump
9 min
11 min
18 min
25 min
220 V battery pump
4 min
5 min
9 min
13 min
Fire protection classification
B 1
2000 mm
Aufblasbare Zelte sind leicht und trotzdem extrem belastbar

Set up of the supporting structure

The inflatable supporting structure consists of a high-strength Dacron-shell. We use an elastic PU-foil for the hermetical interior hose.

This construction has been tested under heaviest conditions in the Kite-sports thousands of times.

The One-Pump-System

The standardized One-Pump-System allows for inflation of the tent via electric pump or with battery powered pump through a central induction valve. This is done by splitting up the air streams into three air chambers through hoses. The tent is set up in under 5 minutes.

Mit dem One-Pump-System können Zelte in 2 Minuten aufgebaut werden

Delivery times

Although the high level of customisability GYBE® provides very short delivery times for all its products.

We are pleased to submit you a custom-made offer.
+49 (0)4421 / 987 88 92


Our products apply to the highest production- and quality standards. If your tent has been damaged it can be repaired at our german service departement, quick and efficent. An overhaul will always be done with original material and applies to the strict GYBE® production standards.

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